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Alarm Monitoring Embraces Mobiles and the Internet For Connected Security

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Security for homes and businesses has until now been a limited choice of either 'bells only' or professional monitoring.

'Bells only' requires your neighbours to hear the alarm and do something about it. But with so many false alarms, most are now ignored. And even the police are unlikely to respond to 'bells only' unless there is some visual indication of a crime taking place. Not a very reassuring option for most of us.

Monitored security usually means signing a 3-5 year, long term contract with expensive monitoring and maintenance charges to pay each month. That's on top of the cost of the alarm system and installation which could be up to several thousand dollars. Alarm monitoring can be expensive, usually only suitable for businesses and higher income households, but the new connected security devices are changing the market and giving consumers more choice.
Today, mobile phones and the internet are an integral part of our lives, enabling us to stay in touch from virtually anywhere. It makes sense to extend that freedom and flexibility to the protection of homes, businesses and those that we care about. Now, the global reach of mobile networks and the internet has been combined with security devices so that protecting what's important to us when we're away, is now easy and affordable for anyone. Read this article video alarm monitoring

There are many consumers and businesses that cannot justify the cost of traditional monitored security, but still want to be reassured that their property, possessions and family are protected. Now, consumers and businesses can monitor and manage their security remotely, from wherever they are.

For example, if someone leaves their home or workplace and forgets to set the alarm, they can now simply phone the connected alarm device or send it a text and it's set. No more worry, dashing back or asking a neighbour, colleague or friend to check it. And if the connected alarm is triggered for whatever reason, nominated contacts will receive a text message straight away with the option of also receiving a picture or even live video of the monitored area, direct to a mobile phone or an internet connected PC. An example of a new connected-security product is a wireless, Portable GSM Security Alarm Camera which has motion detection and sends text alerts and pictures over mobile networks to your phone or to an email address.

We'll be seeing more of these mobile and internet connected security products coming to the market, as more companies offer these innovative self-monitoring options. The future looks brighter for consumers who now have more choice when seeking a monitored security solution that meets their individual needs.